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The SVAT model DAISY is modified to be able to utilize remote sensing (RS) data in order to improve prediction of evapotranspiration and photosynthesis at plot scale. The link between RS data and the DAISY model is the development of the minimum, unstressed, canopy resistance rmin c during the growing season. Energy balance processes are simulated by(More)
This study investigates whether a water deficit index (WDI) based on imagery from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) can provide accurate crop water stress maps at different growth stages of barley and in differing weather situations. Data from both the early and late growing season are included to investigate whether the WDI has the unique potential to be(More)
We report the use of a pulse-width modulation drive technique for high-resolution liquid-crystal gratings and show how the grating diffraction efficiency depends on the duty cycle of the drive signal. We identify a regime in which the diffraction efficiency is linearly proportional to the duty cycle, thereby providing a linear drive characteristic.
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