Anton Tarasyuk

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Dependability is a property of a computer system to deliver services that can be justifiably trusted. Formal modelling and verification techniques are widely used for development of dependable computer-based systems to gain confidence in the correctness of system design. Such techniques include Event-B—a state-based formalism that enables development of(More)
Low-molecular-weight mimetics of loops 1 and 4 of the brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) have been designed and synthesized. The compounds represent monomeric and dimeric amides of N-acyldipeptides. Their dipeptide fragments coincide in sequence with the central regions of beta-turns of the corresponding neurotrophin loops, and acyl groups are the(More)
Certification of safety-critical systems requires formal verification of system properties and behaviour as well as quantitative demonstration of safety. Usually, formal modelling frameworks do not include quantitative assessment of safety. This has a negative impact on productivity and predictability of system development. In this paper we present an(More)
Ensuring resilience of multi-robotic systems is a notoriously difficult task. Decentralised architectures and asynchronous communication require powerful modelling techniques to demonstrate system resilience. In this paper, resilience of a multi-robotic system is defined as ability to achieve goals despite robot failures. We demonstrate how to rigorously(More)
A series of dipeptide mimetics of nerve growth factor were synthesized, one of which, bis-(monosuccinyl-Lglutamyl-L-lysine) hexamethylenediamide (GK-2), constructed on the basis of the β-turn of its fourth loop, was selected for development as a potential neuroprotective drug. This study describes the first phase in the creation of a technology for(More)
Satellite formation flying is an example of an autonomous distributed system that relies on complex coordinated mode transitions to accomplish its mission. While the technology promises significant economical and scientific benefits, it also poses a major verification challenge since testing the system on the ground is impossible. In this paper, we(More)