Anton Stefanescu

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Next generation wireless systems will be required to support heterogeneous services with different transmission rates that include real time multimedia transmissions, as well as non-real time data transmissions. In order to provide such flexible transmission rates, efficient use of system resources in next generation systems will require control of both(More)
AIMS In rodents, blockade of dopamine D2-like receptors abolishes both the physiological increase in glomerular filtration rate (GFR) induced by amino acids and the pathological hyperfiltration in experimental diabetes mellitus. This study addressed the contribution of dopamine D2-like receptors to changes in renal haemodynamics after amino acid infusion in(More)
In primates, prenatal transfer of IgG from mother to offspring occurs predominantly across the placenta. Although a number of Fcgamma-receptors and IgG binding proteins have been detected in human placental tissue, an involvement of any of these receptors in IgG transport across the syncytiotrophoblast remains to be demonstrated. Therefore, we investigated(More)
The human homologue of FcRn, an IgG Fc receptor expressed in rat villous syncytiotrophoblasts, might be involved in IgG transfer from the maternal to the fetal circulation. However, because the receptor does not bind IgG at the physiological pH of the maternal blood (pH 7.4), FcRn is probably not involved in the initial uptake of IgG. A role in IgG(More)
INTRODUCTION The aim of this study was to emphasize the learning curve of hemifacial transplantation in rats by comparison between 2 operators: medical student trained in basic microsurgery and an experienced microsurgeon. MATERIALS AND METHODS A total number of 15 hemifacial transplants between Brown Norway as donors and Wistar as receiver rats were(More)