Anton Sidorov

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Living cells contain a range of densely phosphorylated surfaces, including phospholipid membranes, ribonucleoproteins, and nucleic acid polymers. Hyperphosphorylated surfaces also accumulate in neurodegenerative diseases as neurofibrillar tangles. We have synthesized and structurally characterized a precisely patterned phosphotyrosine surface and establish(More)
Energetic insights emerging from the structural characterization of peptide cross-β assemblies have enabled the design and construction of robust asymmetric bilayer peptide membranes. Two peptides differing only in their N-terminal residue, phosphotyrosine vs lysine, coassemble as stacks of antiparallel β-sheets with precisely patterned charged lattices(More)
Spectra of resonance spontaneous combination scattering (RSCS) of dications of metal--derivatives of tetraphenyl and ethioporphyrine (Ni-TPhP, Cu-TPhP, Cu-EP and VO-EP0 and IR-spectra of absorption of Ni-TPhP and Cu-EP dications were obtained. It was found that transformation of porphyrine neutral molecules into dications is accompanied with the appearance(More)
It has been established by means of electron and oscillation absorption spectra that the structure of sublimated layers of ethioporphyrin and its metal-derivatives depends on sublimation conditions. When sublimation was performed in a vacuum the molecules were located parallel to the base surface, in the presence of gase--at an angle, near to the right one,(More)