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This paper provides an introduction to several problems and techniques related to controlling periodic motions of dynamical systems. In particular, we define and discuss problems of motion planning and orbit planning, analysis methods such as the classical Poincaré first-return map and the transverse linearization, and exponentially orbitally stabilizing(More)
The problem of the global and local stabilization of invariant sets for general nonlinear controlled systems is considered. New state feedback stabilizing controllers and su$cient conditions of asymptotic stability of a goal set with the speci"ed region of attraction are proposed. The proofs of the obtained results are based on the detailed analysis of(More)
We propose here a new procedure for output feedback design for systems with nonlinearities satisfying quadratic constraints. It provides an alternative for the classical observer-based design and relies on transformation of the closed-loop system with a dynamic controller of particular structure into a special block form. We present two sets of sufficient(More)
The well-known and commonly accepted finite dimensional model qualitatively describing surge instabilities in centrifugal (and axial) compressors is considered. The problem of global output feedback stabilization for it is solved. The solution relies on two new criteria for global stability proposed for a class of nonlinear systems exploiting quadratic(More)
— In this paper we consider the problem of motion planning and control of a kinematically redundant manipulator which is used on forestry machines for logging. Once a desired path is specified in the 3D world frame, a trajectory can be planned and executed such that all joints are synchronized and path-constrained. A speed profile can be chosen according to(More)