Anton S. Becker

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The authors investigated the effects of experimentally induced mood states on the identification of contradictions in text passages and ratings of comprehension in 3 experiments. Mood impaired comprehension in college students across a variety of passages, as evidenced by a depressive impairment in contradiction identification and an increased number of(More)
African mole-rats (family Bathyergidae) are small to medium sized, long-lived, and strictly subterranean rodents that became valuable animal models as a result of their longevity and diversity in social organization. The formation and integration of new hippocampal neurons in adult mammals (adult hippocampal neurogenesis, AHN) correlates negatively with age(More)
Intracerebral meningiomas and cavernous hemangiomas (hemangiomas, cavernomas) are entities frequently encountered by neuroradiologists and neurosurgeons. Even multiple tumors can often be observed in patients with certain congenital conditions, eg. multiple meningiomas in neurofibromatosis type 2 or multiple cavernous hemangiomas in familial cavernous(More)
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