Anton Ovchinnikov

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This paper studies joint pricing and remanufacturing strategy of a firm that decides to offer both new and remanufactured versions of its product in the market. In making this decision, the firm balances the additional revenue from selling remanufactured products, the demand cannibalization of new product sales, and the cost of remanufacturing. We present(More)
The effects of day length on preimaginal development and reproductive maturation of females of laboratory strains which originated from two native: Irkutsk (Siberia, Russia) and Daegu (South Korea) and two invasive: Sochi (Caucasus, Russia) and Pardubice (Czechia) populations of Harmonia axyridis were investigated under the laboratory conditions. In all the(More)
Laboratory experiments showed that under the same constant conditions individual variability in several important parameters of the life cycle: the rate of preimaginal development, size and weight of emerging adults (largely determining the potential fecundity of females), and the rate of reproductive maturation (indirectly representing the tendency for(More)
The concept of customer lifetime value (CLV) is widely used by marketing practitioners and academics in making decisions about customer acquisition and retention spending. The traditional view of CLV, however, assumes that the firm has the unlimited capacity to serve all its acquired and retained customers. In this paper we consider a firm with limited(More)
This is the first report on the effects of temperature (from 17 to 30°C), photoperiod (from 10 to 16 h of light), and diet (the wheat aphid Schizaphis graminum and the green peach aphid Myzus persicae) on preimaginal developmental rates, adult body mass, preoviposition period, and female fecundity of the predatory lady beetle Harmonia quadripunctata(More)
The fauna of the family Scathophagidae of Yakutia, including 44 species of 15 genera, was studied. 23 species are recorded from the territory for the first time. The Arctic and subarctic zones of Yakutia have been still poorly studied, and additional species are found there. The scathophagid fauna of Yakutia was compared with the faunas of the neighboring(More)
Under natural conditions, predatory insects often faced the shortage of food caused by an increase in the predator population density and/or a decrease in the prey population density. Experimental studies demonstrated that females of two laboratory strains that originated from autochthonous (the Russian Far East) and invasive (Krasnodar territory of Russia)(More)