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Laboratory experiments showed that under the same constant conditions individual variability in several important parameters of the life cycle: the rate of preimaginal development, size and weight of emerging adults (largely determining the potential fecundity of females), and the rate of reproductive maturation (indirectly representing the tendency for(More)
In order to substantiate the feasibility of using the "Semax" neuroprotector in the treatment of optic-nerve diseases its pharmacokinetics in the intranasal administration was studied in experiments with rats; besides, the physical-and-chemical properties of "Semax" were investigated to define the preparation's stability and mobility in the electric field.(More)
Relation of the ovipositor structure and the egg-laying habit with the larval biology in the family Scathophagidae was investigated. The ovipositor was examined and illustrated for 29 species including Phrosia albilabris (F.), Cordilura umbrosa (Lw.), Spathephilus breviventris (Lw.), Scathophaga stercoraria (L.), Chaetosa punctipes (Mg.), Pogonota barbata(More)
Effects of instillations of proteinase inhibitors and autologous fibronectin on the course of regeneration processes in corneal epithelial defects were studied in patients after perforating and lamellar keratoplasty, cataract extraction, trabecul- and vitrectomy. Proteinase inhibitors contrykal or gordox were administered to these patients to neutralize(More)
The concept of customer lifetime value (CLV) is widely used by marketing practitioners and academics in making decisions about customer acquisition and retention spending. The traditional view of CLV, however, assumes that the firm has the unlimited capacity to serve all its acquired and retained customers. In this paper we consider a firm with limited(More)