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Impact of two of the world's largest protected areas on longline fishery catch rates
Two of the largest protected areas on earth are U.S. National Monuments in the Pacific Ocean. Numerous claims have been made about the impacts of these protected areas on the fishing industry, butExpand
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Europium concentration effect on characteristics and luminescent properties of hydroxyapatite nanocrystalline powders
Abstract Series of Eu-apatites were synthesized by precipitation from aqueous solutions with the Eu/Ca atomic ratio from 0.5% to 5% at T = 90 °C. Resulting precipitates were studied using differentExpand
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Structural and luminescence properties of Ce3+-doped hydroxyapatite nanocrystalline powders
Abstract Ce3+-doped apatites have been synthesized by precipitation method in the range of the Ce/Ca atomic ratio in solutions from 0.05 to 5%. Obtained precipitates were studied with X-ray powderExpand
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Water in Termally Treated Bioapatites and Their Synthetic Analogues: 1H NMR Data
The molecular water incorporation in bioapatites obtained by bone pyrolysis at temperatures of 600–1100 °C has been investigated using in situ solid 1H nuclear magnetic resonance (solid 1H NMR)Expand
Physicochemical characterization of human cardiovascular deposits
Detailed crystal chemical characterization of human pathological cardiovascular deposits (PCD) was conducted applying wide set of the instrumental methods (XRD, FTIR, Raman, SEM, different chemicalExpand
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Deep Learning for Climate Models of the Atlantic Ocean
A deep neural network is trained to predict sea surface temperature variations at two important regions of the Atlantic ocean, using 800 years of simulated climate dynamics based on the first-principles physics models. Expand
Co-ordinated Ras and Rac activity shapes macropinocytic cups and enables phagocytosis of geometrically diverse bacteria
Engulfment of extracellular material by phagocytosis or macropinocytosis depends on the ability of cells to generate specialised cup shaped protrusions. To effectively capture and internalise theirExpand