Anton N Lebedev

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The images of human working memory are coded by systems of cyclically repeating cerebral processes. The dominant frequency of the cyclical oscillations in an alpha rhythm focus, approximately 10 Hz, and the duration of the relative refractoriness after the impulse discharge of the neuron, approximately 0.01 sec, determine the diversity of the character of(More)
Radioimmunoassay analysis of enteric and some other Gram-negative bacteria has shown that the antigenic structure of the RNA polymerase α subunit is more conserved than that of the β and β' subunits. Since anti-α antibodies do not affect RNA polymerase activity, the constrains which determine the low variability of the antigenic structure of the α subunit(More)
A Cherenkov FEL can be a suitable source for radiation from the millimeter wavelength region down to the far infrared. With only a few different dielectric materials the laser can range from 6 mm down to = 600 pm. Nonlinear theory shows, for an amplifier configuration, power levels of about 100 kW in the far infrared up to several MW at millimeter(More)
A quantum efficiency close to 1% has been demonstrated for stable and atmosphere tolerant photocathodes for a photoinjector producing short electron bunches with current 100-500 A. Experimental study of electron emission during ferroelectric polarization reversal by high voltage pulses has been performed. Emission current density reached 400(More)
We studied the effect of overexpression of the human pub gene on the proliferation and neuronal differentiation of PC-12 cells treated with nerve growth factor. We obtained a stable cell line overexpressing the human pub gene (the PC12-hpub line) and PC12-DNA3 control cell line. Using reverse transcription PCR, we showed transgene expression in cells of the(More)
There has been investigated a wave regime of operation of vacuum transmission lines in the presence of a supplemental magnetic field due to a current from an external source applied to the central electrode of the coaxial line. Experiments were performed in the 100–600 kV voltage range. The introduction of a supplemental magnetic field makes it(More)