Anton Mittnacht

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Throwing or shooting is a new approach for the transportation of objects within production systems. Since gantry robots are often applied to load and unload machines, in a research project a Cartesian robot was used for capturing flying objects. A camera system is measuring the object's positions during a throw in subsequent periods of time. Based on these(More)
In a research project throwing or shooting is investigated as a new technology for the transportation of objects in production systems. For such an application a 1-DOF-throwing robot with a numerical controlled rotary axis was developed. It can throw objects with masses up to 100 g over distances of more than 10 m. The outstanding feature of the throwing(More)
In a research project we are working at a new high performance technology for the transportation of objects within production systems. Objects shall be thrown or shot from one working station to another. Up to now only ball-shaped objects were thrown, where no orientation had to be considered. At real objects in real production systems however it is(More)
Yushi Ueda Adachi Gracee Agrawal B. Allaria F. Altermatt J. Andrzejowski M. J. Aries A. Barrett Andriy Batchinsky Jason H. T. Bates G. Bellani Karim Bendjelid T. Bendtsen O. Berenfeld L. Bergenzaun Derya Berk Martin Bootin Bikash Bose G. Breuer Ole Broch J.G. Brock-Utne Jörgen Bruhn Timothy Buchman Alexander Butwick T. Cafiero J. Campos Maxime Cannesson(More)
A new approach for transportation of objects within production systems by automated throwing and capturing is investigated. This paper presents an implementation, consisting of a throwing robot and a capturing robot. The throwing robot uses a linear and the capturing robot a rotary axis. The throwing robot is capable of throwing cylinder-shaped objects onto(More)
In a research project a charging station for operating electric vehicles from a grid connected photovoltaic system was developed. The vehicles in this project are mainly used for home to education transports. The objective is to charge the vehicles as much as possible from the photovoltaic system. To determine the sequence for charging the vehicles, three(More)
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