Anton Mateásik

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We applied linear unmixing approach to reveal individual components of intrinsic flavin fluorescence signal recorded in living cardiac cells by spectrally resolved confocal microscopy. Responses of whole-cell autofluorescence to modulators of cell metabolism and respiration were used as a tool of separation of its components; their spectral profiles,(More)
In this study, we report for the first time concurrent measurements of membrane potential and dynamics and respiratory chain activities in rat heart mitochondria, as well as calcium transients in the hearts of rats in an early phase of streptozotocin diabetes, not yet accompanied with diabetes-induced complications. Quantitative relationships among these(More)
BACKGROUND The electrocardiographic (ECG) diagnosis of left ventricular hypertrophy (LVH) is based on the assumption that QRS voltage increases with left ventricular mass. However, most of patients with echocardiographically detected LVH do not have increased QRS voltage. Reduced intercellular coupling has been observed in LVH patients and animal models.(More)
In this work, phospholipid liposomes were used to investigate the influence of lipid negative charge on the interaction of merocyanine 540 (MC540) with model membranes. Liposomes were prepared from a mixture of neutral dimyristoyl lecithin (DMPC) and negatively charged dimyristoyl phosphatidic acid (DMPA). A strong dependence between the presence of charges(More)
A fluorescence imaging technique was used to monitor intracellular localization of protein kinase C (PKC) in U-87 MG human glioma cells in the presence of hypericin (Hyp) and phorbol 12-myristate-13-acetate (PMA). It is shown that PKC localization, which reflects its activity, is influenced by Hyp and this influence is different from that observed for PMA(More)
This study presents a new method for estimation and imaging of the area at risk (AaR) in myocardial infarction (MI). The values of the ST-segment deviations of 12-lead ECG signal were used as input parameters. Based on DECARTO model, the spherical surface was chosen as a reference surface to approximate the ventricular wall. On this surface, the spatial ST(More)
BACKGROUND Photodynamic therapy and photodiagnosis of cancer requires preferential accumulation of fluorescent photosensitizers in tumors. Clinical evidence documents feasibility of ALA-based photodiagnosis for tumor detection. However, false positive results and large variations in fluorescence intensities are also reported. Furthermore, selective(More)
BACKGROUND Acute myocardial infarction creates regions of altered electrical properties of myocardium resulting in typical QRS patterns (pathological Q waves) and ST segment deviations observed in leads related to the MI location. The aim of this study was to present a graphical method for imaging the changes in the sequence of depolarization and the ST(More)
The contributions of reduced conduction velocity (CV) and prolonged action potential duration (APD) to QT interval prolongation and T wave and T vector loop morphology in left ventricular hypertrophy (LVH) were studied using an analytical computer model. Three types of anatomic LVH were simulated: concentric and eccentric hypertrophy, and left ventricular(More)
Time-resolved spectrometry of endogenous nicotinamide dinucleotide phosphate [NAD(P)H] fluorescence is a useful method to evaluate metabolic oxidative state in living cells. Ouabain is a well-known pharmaceutical drug used in the treatment of cardiovascular disease, the effects of which on myocardial metabolism were recently demonstrated. Mechanisms(More)