Anton Kuznetsov

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In patients with moderate, dietary noncorrigible hyperlipoproteinemia type IIb and ischemic heart disease, treatment with nicotinic acid is limited by the side effects of the drug. In 100 patients, 6-month treatment with nicotinic acid (n = 50) or "essential" phospholipids (EPL); Lipostabil, manufacturer: Rhône-Poulenc Rorer) (n = 50) indicated comparable(More)
To study the transfer of oxidized phospholipids from cell membranes to high-density lipoproteins (HDL), human Cu2+-oxidized erythrocyte membranes were incubated with HDL3 subfraction for 17 h at 37 degrees C followed by isolation of the supernatant, precipitation from it of HDL3, and determination of lipid peroxide products (LPP) in them. The incubation(More)
—Mutual adaptation is critical for effective team collaboration. This paper presents a formalism for human-robot mutual adaptation in collaborative tasks. We propose the bounded-memory adaptation model (BAM), which captures human adaptive behaviors based on a bounded memory assumption. We integrate BAM into a partially observable stochastic model, which(More)
It is concluded on the basis of literature data, that apolipoprotein B-100 is the most high-molecular, hydrophobic, and positive charged protein compared to the other apoproteins of the plasma lipoproteins. Low density lipoproteins of healthy subjects, mainly containing apo B-100, have little heterogeneity on both charge and isoelectric point, in spite of(More)
The paper deals with the problem of predicting whether the user's question will be closed by the moderator on Stack Overflow, a popular question answering service devoted to software programming. The task along with data and evaluation metrics was offered as an open machine learning competition on Kaggle platform. To solve this problem, we employed a wide(More)
A comparative estimation of the frequencies of genetic disorders induced in germ cells of male mice by a single or long-term exposure to incorporated 137Cs or to external gamma-radiation has been carried out. The frequencies of dominant lethal mutations induced by a single exposure were similar with both types of radiation. In stem cell spermatogonia the(More)
The content of cAMP in the rat heart under neoepinephrine myocarditis does not differ from the control values and less increases relative to the control at the adrenalin concentrations of 5 X 10(-5) and 5 X 10(-4) M in the in vitro experiments (control: myocardium of healthy animals). Under these conditions dissociation of holoenzyme of cAMP-dependent(More)
In experimental hypercholesterinemia in rabbits, immune autoradiographic studies showed that lesions in the endothelial monolayer of the aorta developed in parallel with IgG deposition in the cytoplasm of the affected endothelial cells and in different parts of atherosclerotic plaques. This process was accompanied by active replacement of blood monocytes(More)