Anton Kutsenko

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Supplementary data pa.2010.0389.DC1.html "Data Supplement" References html#ref-list-1 This article cites 15 articles, 2 of which can be accessed free Subject collections (41 articles) wave motion • Articles on similar topics(More)
Homogenization of the equations of motion for a three-dimensional periodic elastic system is considered. Expressions are obtained for the fully dynamic effective material parameters governing the spatially averaged fields by using the plane wave expansion method. The effective equations are of Willis form with coupling between momentum and stress and(More)
One-dimensional propagation of a longitudinal wave through an infinite piezoelectric periodically layered structure is considered. The unit cell consists, in general, of piezoelectric multilayers separated by thin electrodes which are connected through a capacitor with capacity Cj that plays the role of the external electric control providing tunability of(More)
The quasistatic limit of the antiplane shear-wave speed (effective speed) c in 2D periodic lattices is studied. Two new closed-form estimates of c are derived by employing two different analytical approaches. The first proceeds from a standard background of the plane wave expansion (PWE). The second is a new approach, which resides in x space and centers on(More)
A theoretical study is performed of the bulk acoustic wave propagation in periodic piezoelectric structures with metallized interperiod boundaries. A crucial specific feature of such structures is that the bounded acoustic beam incident perpendicular to an interface can generate scattered (i.e. reflected and transmitted) waves over the whole area of the(More)
A scheme for evaluating the effective quasistatic speed of sound c in two- and three-dimensional periodic materials is reported. The approach uses a monodromy-matrix operator to enable direct integration in one of the coordinates and exponentially fast convergence in others. As a result, the solution for c has a more closed form than previous formulas. It(More)
Consider the discrete 1D Schrödinger operator on Z with an odd 2k periodic potential q. For small potentials we show that the mapping: q → heights of vertical slits on the quasi-momentum domain (similar to the Marchenko-Ostrovski maping for the Hill operator) is a local isomorphism and the isospectral set consists of 2 distinct potentials. Finally, the(More)
The existence of shear horizontal (SH) surface waves in two-dimensional periodic phononic crystals with an asymmetric depth-dependent profile is theoretically reported. Examples of dispersion spectra with bandgaps for subsonic and supersonic SH surface waves are demonstrated. The link between the effective (quasistatic) speeds of the SH bulk and surface(More)