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A Coxeter group W is said to be rigid if, given any two Coxeter systems (W, S) and (W, S), there is an automorphism ρ : W −→ W such that ρ(S) = S. We consider the class of Coxeter systems (W, S) for which the Coxeter graph Γ S is complete and has only odd edge labels (such a system is said to be of " type K n "). It is shown that if W has a type K n system,(More)
AIMS To evaluate the effect of anterior capsule polishing on the development of anterior capsule opacification (ACO) in patients undergoing cataract surgery. METHODS This prospective randomized observational double-masked clinical trial comprised 120 eyes of 60 consecutive patients with bilateral age-related cataract who underwent phacoemulsification. The(More)
AIM The aim of our study was to quantify arterial carbon dioxide levels (PaCO2) achieved by ventilating extremely preterm neonates in volume guarantee mode targeting tidal volumes of approximately 4 ml/kg. METHODS We performed a prospective trial on preterm infants with gestational age ≤28 weeks, birth-weight ≤1000 grams, postnatal age <48 hours and are(More)
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