Anton Kaier

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In the past, travel routes for civil passenger and cargo air traffic were aligned to the air traffic network (ATN). To resolve the network congestion problem, the freeflight system has recently been introduced in more and more regions around the globe, allowing flight operations to make full use of the four space-and-time dimensions. For the numerical(More)
We study the Flight Planning Problem for a single aircraft, which deals with finding a path of minimal travel time in an airway network. Flight time along arcs is affected by wind speed and direction, which are functions of time. We consider three variants of the problem, which can be modeled as, respectively, a classical shortest path problem in a metric(More)
Vertical flight planning concerns assigning optimal cruise altitude and speed to each trajectory-composing segment, such that the fuel consumption is minimized, and the arrival time constraints are satisfied. The previous work that assigns continuous speed to each segment leads to prohibitively long computation time. In this work, we propose a mixed integer(More)
Real world routing problems, e.g., in the airline industry or in public and rail transit, can feature complex non-linear cost functions. An important case are costs for crossing regions, such as countries or fare zones. We introduce the shortest path problem with crossing costs (SPPCC) to address such situations; it generalizes the classical shortest path(More)
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