Anton Ivashchenko

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P2P outsourcing model is proposed to describe an interaction process of tasks distribution between employees when centralized project management cannot be performed due to high uncertainty and complexity of tasks. This paper describes a solution for computer-aided operating of such interaction by implementation of a series of auctions using time-based(More)
This paper presents the results of application of innovative knowledge-based multi-agent technology for scheduling of flight program, cargo flow, fuel, water, and other resources of International Space Station (ISS). The developed system aims creating solid information space for scientists, responsible for ISS life activity and supply with various resources(More)
P2P outsourcing model is introduced to describe an interaction process of project tasks distribution between employees as a part of the enterprise project management system that supports decision-making process within the company. The proposed solution provides an agile technology of tasks allocation in enterprises with matrix organizational structure. The(More)
Implementation of simulation technologies for surgery training is a challenging problem nowadays that involves modern information technologies to perform a breakthrough in medical higher education. Still using of various surgery simulators in practice requires much assistance from teachers that need to monitor the training process and manage the students.(More)