Anton Herman Basson

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This study presents a chain of simulations aimed at estimating the wear in a cervical disc implant and providing insight into the in vivo biomechanical performance of the implant. The simulation chain can start with determining a representative maximum range of motion (ROM) of a person's head. The ROM is used as motion input to a kinematic simulation of the(More)
The aim of the present study is to analyze the simulated behavior of the Functional Spinal Unit (FSU) with a disc implant inserted in the C5-C6 segment, compare the results to the literature and use the data for disc design parameters. Intradiscal forces/pressures, bending moments and vertebral body rotations were calculated and compared to in-vitro and(More)
This paper presents the development, testing and performance evaluation of a patellar tendon reflex measurement system to provide a quantitative reflex evaluation for use by medical practitioners and in a telemedicine or E-medicine environment. A prototype was developed that makes use of XSens MTx orientation sensors, force-sensitive resistors and an(More)
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