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The synthesis and the full characterization of two new linear bisphosphonates (tetraethyl(Ntertbutyl-1-aminoethan-1,1-diyl)bisphosphonate and tetraethyl(N-secbutyl-1-aminoethan-1,1diyl)bisphosphonate) and the first analysis of the ESR spectra of the corresponding nitroxides is reported. The preliminary results of theoretical calculations on model compounds(More)
Immunity to tetanus was investigated in 157 individuals aged between 1 and 77 years using, for the evaluation of both tetanus antitoxin and antibody to fragment BIIb (anti-BIIb), an easily performed ELISA that gave reproducible results. Among these people 72% were protected against tetanus (tetanus antitoxin titres greater than 0.06 IU ml-1). Anti-BIIb(More)
After oral administration of 10(2) to 10(5) CFU of Escherichia coli B41 (0101:K 99+:ST+) to 24-48 h old suckling mice (Swiss OF1), a 80 to 100% mortality rate is observed within three days. We compared the effect of the oral treatment with a lyophilized preparation of heat-killed Lactobacillus acidophilus and with sterile water on the mortality rate of(More)
By stimulating or depressing the macrophage system with Corynebacterium parvum or anti-macrophage serum, we were able to establish that macrophages play a role in Poly-I:C-induced interferon production. On the other hand macrophages do not seem to be the cells which produce endotoxin- or NDV-induced interferon, although a slight participation of these cells(More)