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The absorption and fluorescence spectra of substituted coumarins (2-oxo-2H-chromenes) were investigated in solvents and in polymer matrices. The substitutions involved were: (1) by groups with varying electron donating ability such as CH₃, OCH₃ and N(CH₃)₂, mainly, but not exclusively, in positions 7 and (2), by either CHO or 4-PhNHCONHN=CH- in position 3.(More)
Novel coumarin derivatives, 2-oxo-2H-chromenecarbaldehyde hydrazones were prepared by reaction of substituted 2-oxo-2H-chromenecarbaldehydes with N-aminoimides in ethanol in the presence of 4-toluenesulfonic acid as catalyst. The photochromic and thermochromic properties of the prepared compounds were investigated.
The photophysical properties of 7-(dimethylamino)coumarin-3-carbaldehyde 3 and its phenylsemicarbazone 4 were investigated in solvents of various polarity and in differing solvent mixtures. The different fluorescent quantum yield (ΦF) behavior of 3 and 4 in highly polar solvents is discussed in terms of Twisted Intramolecular Charge-Tranfer (TICT) state(More)
Simultaneous application of UV light and ultrasonic irradiation to a reaction mixture containing 1-iodocyclohexene is reported. The irradiation of 1-iodocyclohexene in methanol was carried out with or without addition of zinc. The effect of ultrasound or mechanical stirring on this solid-liquid system was also compared. The irradiation of 1-iodocyclohexene(More)
Sonochemistry and photochemistry are based on very different physical phenomena, which a priori seems to exclude any possibility to observe more than a simple superposition of their respective effects. Literature data are examined, first the few studies devoted to sonochemical and photochemical reactions in cases where a direct comparison is possible. The(More)
Ultrasound considerably enhances and simplifies photochemical reaction of cyclohexanone with cyclohexene. The Paterno-Büchi reaction of acetone with ethyl vinyl ether is enhanced by ultrasound and yields a different ratio of cis/trans oxetanes under sonication by comparison with the silent reaction. Sonication appears to affect the first reaction by(More)
Absorption and fluorescence spectra of bichromophoric coumarins were investigated in different solvents and in polymer matrices. These bichromophoric coumarins were composed of a coumarin dimethylamino-substituted at position 7 or unsubstituted coumarin and phthalimide or a 1,8-naphthylimide linked with an iminomethyl bridge to the position 3 or 8 of the(More)
Ultrasonic irradiation is able to modify the course of several photochemical reactions, especially bimolecular, proceeding via triplet states. These effects were illustrated in the study of benzophenone photopinacolization in ethanol. The rates and yields increase when sonication is applied simultaneously to UV irradiation. An explanation is based on a(More)
UV-vis and fluorescence spectra of 2-[2-(4-cyclaminophenyl)ethen-1-yl] benzothiazoles 1 and their N-allylbenzothiazolium bromides 2 have been measured and interpreted. The substitution and solvent effects on electronic structure and spectra have been investigated. The benzothiazolium salts substituted with saturated cyclamines show strong push-pull(More)
An analytical potential of capillary zone electrophoresis (CZE) with enhanced sample loadability (a 200nL injection volume) in determination of alkaline hydrolysis products of isatin-β-thiosemicarbazone (IBT), a compound with important biological activity, has been studied. The CZE separation conditions for a complete resolution of transformation products,(More)