Anton Frolov

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This paper describes Yandex School of Data Analysis (YSDA) submission for WMT2016 Shared Task on Quality Estimation (QE) / Task 1: Sentence-level prediction of post-editing effort. We solve the problem of quality estimation by using a machine learning approach, where we try to learn a regressor from feature space to HTER score. By enriching the baseline(More)
Processing large volumes of information in real time requires large amounts of computational power, which consumes a significant amount of energy. With the rise in the amount of data produced, energy-efficient high-performance information processing systems are becoming a necessity. We present a hybrid CPU-FPGA system for high-throughput classification of(More)
With the rise in the amount information of being streamed across networks, there is a growing demand to vet the quality, type and content itself for various purposes such as spam, security and search. In this paper, we develop an energy-efficient high performance information filtering system that is capable of classifying a stream of incoming document at(More)
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