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The decrease in the frequency of diagnosed catatonic subtypes among schizophrenic disorders as a whole during the last 50 years has long been regarded as an established fact. Until now the factors responsible for this development have been under discussion. As it is not clear if there is a true decrease or an ostensible one due to other factors such as(More)
The authors investigated smooth pursuit eye movements (SPEMs) in 66 schizophrenic and 40 major affective patients and 39 healthy controls. The results showed significant differences of both patient groups as compared to the controls. Schizophrenics with neuroleptic treatment in the preceding 2 years were significantly more disturbed than the controls, the(More)
This trial was performed to investigate the therapeutic efficacy of vincamine in the treatment of primary degenerative and vascular dementia. 152 male and female patients aged between 50 and 85 years from two psychogeriatric centers and two nursing homes were initially included in the trial and screened for eligibility. 142 patients completed the trial.(More)
Although nearly a century has passed since Kraepelin's investigations in Java [Cbl Nervenheilk Psychiatr 1904; 27:468-469], one crucial question regarding guilt in the course of depression has still not been decided: Is there a more or less stable connection independent of culture, or is guilt confined to certain civilisations? This study investigated this(More)
INTRODUCTION Heart failure is the most common cause of death due to infective endocarditis. We report a case of a patient presenting with severe shock due to an infection-associated left-to-right cardiac shunt. PRESENTATION OF CASE A 62-year-old man, who underwent aortic valve replacement five years previously, was admitted to ICU due to acute hemodynamic(More)
The influence of siblings on the socialization of the individual has been recognized as a fact by both psychology and sociology. The significance of sibling order for the outbreak of psychiatric diseases on the other hand is still discussed controversially. In our study, we compared the expected values and the positions actually found in the sibling order(More)
In 13 cases referred to psychiatric treatment between 1974 and 1980 acute viral encephalitis was diagnosed in the further course of the illness. The majority were female patients. Positive virological or pathological evidence was obtained in 38% of all cases. The most frequent etiology to be found was the herpes-simplex virus. These findings correspond to(More)
Most existing measures of oral health focus solely on negative oral health, illness, and deficiencies and ignore positive oral health. In an attempt to commence exploration of this challenging field, an innovative instrument was developed, the “Positive Oral Health and Well-Being” (POHW) index. This study aimed to validate this instrument and to explore an(More)
Different concepts of negative symptoms in schizophrenia are reviewed. The beneficial effects of neuroleptics are discussed. The results of a pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic study with Amisulpride in healthy volunteers are reported. Preliminary findings of a study with Amisulpride in schizophrenic patients with predominately negative symptoms are(More)
The clinical phenomenon called anticipation is usually defined as a decrease in age at onset and/or an increase in disease severity in successive generations of afflicted families. The purpose of this study was to examine variables that might influence anticipation in schizophrenia. A total of 380 Austrian patients, born between 1935 and 1964, met criteria(More)
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