Anton Fahrner

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be enhanced by a combination of auditory and visual signals. Animals sometimes accompany their vocalizations with distinctive body postures and facial expressions, although it is not known whether their interpretation of these signals is unified. Here we use a paradigm in which ‘preferential looking’ is monitored to show that rhesus monkeys (Macaca(More)
The microanatomy and ultrastructure of the excretory system of Pneumoderma sp. (Gymnosomata) and Creseis virgula Rang, 1828 (Thecosomata) have been investigated by means of semithin serial sections, reconstructions and transmission electron microscopy. The studies revealed a functional metanephridial system consisting of a heart with a single ventricle and(More)
The measurement of oronasal flow during sleep studies using thermistors is internationally well accepted. As an alternative the possibility exists to measure the pressure at the nose by means of nasal prongs. Our objective was to compare and evaluate the methods to detect respiratory events in clinical routine, namely O2-saturation by pulse oxymetry(More)
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