Anton F. L. Veth

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Despite the usage of a consistent set of EDI-messages and protocols, EDI-projects too frequenty don't produce the beneets that are expected from them. An important reason for this are discrepancies in the reference data used by the various parties in the information exchange process. In this paper we report on a project in a business chain where this(More)
A course is described for the training of medical students in medical informatics (other terms: computational medicine, medical computing). The philosophy behind the course is that there are several modes or levels of human interaction in working with computers, running from registrative functions to assistance at diagnosis and therapy. The course, which(More)
In 4 anesthetized pregnant rhesus monkeys the decidual parts of the uteroplacental arteries (spiral arteries) were punctured with glass capillaries. The intravascular blood pressure was measured. Simultaneously, the pressure in the amniotic fluid and in the aorta was monitored. When the uterus was relaxed, the mean blood pressure inside the uteroplacental(More)
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