Anton Dvorak

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OBJECTIVES In cases of "spina bifida," a detailed prenatal imaging assessment of the exact morphology of neural tube defects (NTD) is often limited. Due to the diverse clinical prognosis and prenatal treatment options, imaging parameters that support the prenatal differentiation between open and closed neural tube defects (ONTDs and CNTDs) are required.(More)
Frequencies of alleles and genotypes of the PRNP gene in 65 Polish Red cows kept under a conservation programme and 52 randomly chosen cows of two Czech breeds: Czech Pied (42) and Black-and-White (10) were studied. All cows were at the age of 4 years or older. It was found that the frequency of allele 5 (5 copies of the octapeptide repeat) ranged from 0.11(More)
Using the concept of the relative metric entropy, we study the influence of the synchronization phenomenon on mixing rate in the phase space of deterministic and noisy chaotic systems. We show that transition to both complete and phase synchronization of chaos is accompanied by the decrease of the level of mixing induced by internal nonlinear mechanisms of(More)
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