Anton Chuvakin

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In today's age of Web applications connected via Web services, accountability has become both crucial and harder to achieve. The management of authentication, authorization, and accountability in these applications is therefore a very important and difficult problem to solve. In this article, we describe how audit logging can be built into the Web services(More)
As threats shift toward applications and as more companies struggle with compliance mandates and the limitation of protection technologies such as access control, the need for useful, comprehensive application logging can only increase. This article provides guidance on application logging to application developers and architects and to security(More)
The Common Configuration Scoring System (CCSS) is a set of measures of the severity of software security configuration issues. CCSS is derived from CVSS, which was developed to measure the severity of vulnerabilities due to software flaws. CCSS can assist organizations in making sound decisions as to how security configuration issues should be addressed and(More)
Data for D(2010) meson electroproduction in the range 10 < Q < 1350 GeV has recently been presented by the ZEUS collaboration at HERA. We use these results together with their previously published data for 1 < Q < 600 GeV to test whether one can distinguish between different theoretical schemes for charm quark electroproduction. We find that up to the(More)
Two variable flavor number schemes are used to describe bottom quark production in deep inelastic electron-proton scattering. In these schemes the coefficient functions are derived from mass factorization of the heavy quark coefficient functions presented in a fixed flavor number scheme. Also one has to construct a parton density set with five light flavors(More)