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This paper presents a test technique that employs two different supply voltages for the same Iddq pattern. The results of the two measurements are subtracted in order to eliminate the inherent subthreshold leakage. Summary of the experiment carried out on " System on a Chip " (SOC) device build in 0.35µ technology is also shown. These experiments proved(More)
In this paper, an analysis comparing the efficiency of different test strategies on a moderate complexity mixed-signal circuit is presented. Selected test strategies from the groups of functional, structural and parametric approaches were applied for the circuit test while considering bridging faults introduced into the circuit layout. The faults were(More)
On the whole, the concept, that emotional psychosis has no negative effect on later social adaptation, is predominant. In order to investigate this concept, the writers have examined 53 juvenile and adolescent in-patients suffering from an emotional psychosis (manic-depressive psychosis) with the help of a catamnesis. They found that 35.84% of these(More)
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