Anton Chernihovskyi

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SUMMARY Although there are numerous studies exploring basic neuronal mechanisms that are likely to be associated with seizures, to date no definite information is available as to how, when, or why a seizure occurs in humans. The fact that seizures occur without warning in the majority of cases is one of the most disabling aspects of epilepsy. If it were(More)
We propose a method for estimating phase synchronization between time series using the parallel computing architecture of cellular nonlinear networks (CNN's). Applying this method to time series of coupled nonlinear model systems and to electroencephalographic time series from epilepsy patients, we show that an accurate approximation of the mean phase(More)
The detection of patterns embedded within a complex, nonstationary, and noisy background activity is a crucial and important task in EEG analysis. The authors present a biologically inspired, analog approach to EEG analysis that is conceptually different from a variety of statistical approaches currently used. A nonlinear, excitable, spatially extended(More)
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