Anton Cerny

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We present COBS — a model of a concurrent object-based computational system with handshakes as elementary actions of inter-process communication. Processes are considered to be partial views of the system. Their communication by asynchronous message passing and variable sharing is modeled by elementary processes on the same abstraction level. The same acts(More)
A partial Latin square is premature if it has no completion, but it admits a completion after removing any of its symbols. This type of partial Latin square has been introduced by Brankovic, Honik, Miller and Rosa [Ars Combinatoria, to appear] where the authors showed that the number of empty cells in an n x n premature latin square is at least 371-4. vVe(More)
Independent trees are used in building secure and/or fault-tolerant network communication protocols. They have been investigated for different network topologies including tori. Dense Gaussian networks are potential alternatives for two-dimensional tori. They have similar topological properties; however, they are superiors in carrying communications due to(More)
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