Anton Cerný

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  • Anton Cerný
  • Discrete Mathematics & Theoretical Computer…
  • 2002
The i-th symbol of the well-known infinite word of Thue on the alphabet {0,1} can be characterized as the parity of the number of occurrences of the digit 1 in the binary representation of i. Generalized words of Thue are based on counting the parity of occurrences of an arbitrary word w ∈ {0,1}∗−0∗ in the binary representation of i. We provide here the(More)
Aword is called fair if it contains, for each pair of distinct symbols a, b, the same number of occurrences of the scattered subword ab as of ba. We prove that if the first k + 1 words in the sequence generated by a D0L system over a k-letter alphabet are fair then all words in the sequence are fair. © 2007 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
Independent trees are used in building secure and/or fault-tolerant network communication protocols. They have been investigated for different network topologies including tori. Dense Gaussian networks are potential alternatives for two-dimensional tori. They have similar topological properties; however, they are superiors in carrying communications due to(More)