Anton Brezina

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The effort to utilize simpler and hereby cheaper robotic devices regarding sensors led to creating a concept of intelligent space (IS), which is equipped with spatially dispersed sensors offering to a robot needed information. Smart floor (SF) is one element, which IS can consist of. In our paper we deal with design of a simple SF utilizing the technology(More)
Lately, great concern in image processing is devoted to region-oriented methods. Region-oriented image representation offers several advantages over block-oriented approach, e.g. adaptation to the local image characteristics. New algorithms are necessary for image coding, if we work with arbitrarily shaped image regions, called segments, instead on(More)
Our approach to image region approximation offers a complete scheme consisting of few steps. The original image is segmented using two algorithms. An unsupervised colour — texture regions segmentation method (JSEG) and feature distributions based method. Following polygonal approximation of the created regions causes the region boundaries degradation. This(More)
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