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The effort to utilize simpler and hereby cheaper robotic devices regarding sensors led to creating a concept of intelligent space (IS), which is equipped with spatially dispersed sensors offering to a robot needed information. Smart floor (SF) is one element, which IS can consist of. In our paper we deal with design of a simple SF utilizing the technology(More)
Our approach to image region approximation offers a complete scheme consisting of few steps. The original image is segmented using two algorithms. An unsupervised colour — texture regions segmentation method (JSEG) and feature distributions based method. Following polygonal approximation of the created regions causes the region boundaries degradation. This(More)
SUMMARY This paper introduces a method for restoration of missing arbitrarily shaped image segments using combined discrete orthogonal transforms (DOT). The missing segment texture is successively interpolated/extrapolated using the texture of the correctly decoded segments belonging to the same object, thus having the same texture pattern.
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