Anton Bragin

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Quantitative Golgi study of hippocampal pyramidal neurons of ground squirrels showed rapid and profound transformation of their apical dendrites in the course of hibernation. The dendrites were significantly shorter, less branched and had fewer dendritic spines in the middle of hibernation bout than in the active euthermic ground squirrels between bouts.(More)
Hippocampal and septal tissue of the rats' embryos was grafted into anterior eye chamber of the adult rats. After 3-4 months of survival the light and electron microscopy of the grafts was performed. Significant difference in development and organization of septal (SGs) and hippocampal (HGs) grafts was observed. Developed SGs had spherical shape, the area(More)
The degree of participation of grafted neurons in sensory analysis was investigated in embryonal rat somatosensory neocortex transplanted into the cavity at the place of the barrel field in the neocortex (SI) of adult rats. The neurons were investigated extracellularly 3 to 6 months after grafting. In the majority of grafts the neurons had normal levels and(More)
Surviving grafts of the nervous tissue taken from the septum and hippocampus of rat embryos and xenotransplanted into the rabbit's brain were observed in 4 out of 6 animals 2-3 months after surgery. The grafts contacted the neocortex or hippocampus of the recipients. Extracellular recording of neuronal activity in the grafts revealed spontaneous discharges(More)
Effects of norepinephrine (NE) and 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT) upon spontaneous activity and responses to mossy fiber stimulation (mfs) were tested in 192 units of the field CA3 in the guinea pig and rat hippocampal slices. The drugs were added to the incubating medium or ejected by pressure from a micropipette. After NE superfusion firing rate increased in(More)
Quantitative investigation of GABA-immunopositive and GABA-immunonegative neurons was performed in grafts of embryonic tissue of somatosensory cortex, (1) injected intraparenchymally into the barrel field of adult rats (n = 5); (2) placed in an acute cavity in the same area (n = 9); or (3) inplanted into the anterior eye chamber (n = 5). Analysis of initial(More)
  • Anton Bragin
  • Zhurnal vyssheĭ nervnoĭ deiatelnosti imeni I P…
  • 1986
The barrelfield of the adult rats was removed by suction and embryonic tissue of the somatosensory neocortex was transplanted into the cavity. Spontaneous and evoked activity of the grafted neurones was investigated extracellularly 2-3 months after the grafting. The light microscopy of the grafts revealed the presence of normal neuronal cells, but their(More)
Hippocampal tissue (1 mm3) was taken from embryonal (E17-18) rats of Wistar stock in population breeding and grafted into anterior eye chamber of the four groups of recipients: young (3 weeks) and old (18 months) males of the same stock and of inbred strain WAG. Morphometric analysis of the grafts developing up to 12 weeks in oculo showed rapid initial(More)
Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is widely used to detect specific DNA sequences for purposes of microbial identification, clinical diagnosis, and basic research. The most pernicious problem plaguing this technique is contamination of PCR reagents with previously amplified material. We propose a useful tool for PCR reagent purification from contaminating(More)