Anton Beitler

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Attacks that leverage USB as an attack vector are gaining popularity. While attention has so far focused on attacks that either exploit the host's USB stack or its unrestricted device privileges, it is not necessary to compromise the host to mount an attack over USB. This paper describes and implements a <i>USB sniffing</i> attack. In this attack a USB(More)
In recent years, the rising demand for high precision localization has challenged the use of GNSS particularly in automotive applications. This is especially the case in urban scenarios where the most crucial GNSS disturbance is multipath – the reception of reflected signals. This work addresses the detection of multipath errors in pseudorange measurements(More)
In urban environments GNSS code multipath errors can cause large positioning errors. Many existing approaches try to overcome these errors employing Kalman innovations or statistical tests for code and carrier similarity. In this paper a new multipath model for time-differential code measurement errors is found from measurement data. The data indicates that(More)
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