Anton Axelsson

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A large number of studies carried out on pupils aged 8–14 have shown that teachable agent (TA) based games are beneficial for learning. The present pioneering study aimed to initiate research looking at whether TA based games can be used as far down as preschool age. Around the age of four, theory of mind (ToM) is under development and it is not unlikely(More)
Educational software in which the student takes the role of teacher and instructs a digital tutee – a so-called teachable agent – has repeatedly proven to have positive effects for school children's learning. In a study with 39 preschoolers aged 3:9 to 6:3, we explored the conditions under which children this young would benefit as well from this kind of(More)
Educational software in the form of games or so called " computer assisted intervention " for young children has become increasingly common receiving a growing interest and support. Currently there are, for instance, more than 1000 iPad apps tagged for preschool. Thus it has become increasingly important to empirically investigate whether these kinds of(More)
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