Anton Atzinger

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PURPOSE To show that radiotherapy (RT) dose to the noninvolved extended field (EF) can be reduced without loss of efficacy in patients with early-stage Hodgkin's disease (HD). PATIENTS AND METHODS During 1988 to 1994, pathologically staged patients with stage I or II disease who were without risk factors (large mediastinal mass, extranodal lesions,(More)
Seventy-nine patients with ovarian carcinoma stage I-III postoperatively received a whole abdominal irradiation (median dose: 22.5 Gy) followed by pelvic boost irradiation (median pelvic dose: 45 Gy) as the sole adjuvant therapy. Surgery preceding the irradiation was radical only in 59 percent of the patients. Whole abdominal irradiation was performed(More)
In 149 collum and 45 corpus carcinomas tumor marker concentrations in serum have been measured before, during and sex to eight weeks after termination of radiotherapy. For the collum carcinomas (average of FIGO I to IV) the sensitivity of CEA was found to be 51%, SCC 67%, CEA +SCC 80%. In corpus carcinomas CEA had low sensitivity and could not readily be(More)
The article discusses initial experiences of NMR examinations of carcinoma of the uterus and cervix uteri (resistive magnet, NMR prototype of Siemens). All examined carcinomas show prolonged relaxation times. Variation of measurement parameters results in good optical presentation of carcinoma tissue in the resonance scans. The results are compared with(More)
The authors examine the combination of percutaneous and intracavitary irradiation using the afterloading system. The isodoses are directly superposed on the CT zone. Two examples of different positions are given in order to discuss possible overdoses or underdoses, the radiation exposure of bladder and rectum as well as the necessary shielding.
Prof. Dr. reed. Alfred Breit, ehem. Chefarzt der Radiologischen Abteilung des Klinikums Passau sowie Direktor des lnstituts for Strahlentherapie und radiologische Onkologie an der Technischen Universit~t MiJnchen, feierte im April seinen 75. Geburtstag. Dies ist ein sch6ner Grund, um in kurzen Ziigen das Lebenswerk eines Mannes Revue passieren zu lassen,(More)