Antonín Zeman

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Thin black surface layers or black coloured gypsum crusts can be observed on stones of many buildings and sculptures around the world. The black weathered stone and mortar surface from selected sections of the Prague Castle were studied by microscopic methods, GC/MS and pyrolysis-GC/MS analysis. Microscopically, we found an authigenic gypsum formation with(More)
One of the basic mechanisms of radiation embrittlement of steels and welds is due to matrix damage. Embrittlement results in a raise in the ductile-to-brittle transition temperature, which is normally used as indicator of the degradation status of the material. Other methods different than mechanical tests can be used to follow embrittlement like small(More)
Aortal valve mineralization very frequently causes a genesis of aortic stenosis, which is the most often surgically treated heart disease. Hydroxyapatite deposits have been identified as one of the causes leading to the loss of elasticity of the aortic valves. It is known that phosphates/calcium is accumulated in valve tissues during mineralization, but the(More)
Isolation of nonacosan-10-ol: The extract, after being digested with methanol and concentrated into a small volume, was chromatographed over silica gel with hexane to isolate a crystalline substance. The crystalline substance was recrystallized from hexane: mp 83 -84 ° , [a]D ± 0 ° , C29H60O (M® ion m/e 424; found: C 81.84%, H 14.30%; calc.: C 81,99%, H(More)
A simple and rapid method for the substoichiometric determination of traces of manganese in various materials by neutron-activation analysis has been developed. After dissolution of the irradiated test sample, manganese(II) carrier is added and subsequently oxidised by peroxodisulphate to the heptavalent state. The permanganate thus formed is finally(More)