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A linkage map of the porcine genome has been developed by segregation analysis of 239 genetic markers. Eighty-one of these markers correspond to known genes. Linkage groups have been assigned to all 18 autosomes plus the X Chromosome (Chr). As 69 of the markers on the linkage map have also been mapped physically (by others), there is significant integration(More)
QTL affecting fat deposition related performance traits have been considered in several studies and mapped on numerous porcine chromosomes. However, activity of specific enzymes, protein content and cell structure in fat tissue probably depend on a smaller number of genes than traits related to fat content in carcass. Thus, in this work traits related to(More)
1. Of ten protein systems studied in mouflon (Ovis musimon), five were polymorphic (Tf, Hpx, EsA, X-protein, Cat). Electrophoretic mobilities of mouflon proteins did not differ from those of sheep. 2. Mouflon haemoglobin B and sheep haemoglobin B differed in isoelectric focusing. 3. Haemopexin levels in mouflon were determined by rocket(More)
For detecting QTL in the whole swine genome, 1068 pigs from three F2 populations constructed by crossing European Wild boar and Pietrain (W×P), Meishan and Pietrain (M×P), and Wild Boar and Meishan (W × M) were genotyped for genetic markers evenly spaced at approximately 20 cM intervals. AQTL analysis was performed using a least-squares method. Here the(More)
Pig, horse and dog plasma proteins, separated by horizontal polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (pH 9.0) and electrophoretically transferred to nitrocellulose membranes, were tested for cross-reaction with antiserum to human plasma alpha 1B-glycoprotein (alpha 1B). The results showed that one previously reported polymorphic plasma postalbumin in each of(More)
1. Components of pig plasma postalbumin-2 (PO2) protein, after rivanol-ammonium sulphate fractionation of plasma, were separated from other proteins by an easy and rapid method of horizontal double-one dimensional IPG-PAGE. The protein was recovered from polyacrylamide gel by combination of electrophoresis and isoelectric focusing. 2. The mol. wt of PO2 was(More)