Antonín Ríha

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While guideline-based decision support is safety-critical and typically requires human interaction, offline analysis of guideline compliance can be performed to large extent automatically. We examine the possibility of automatic detection of potential non-compliance followed up with (statistical) association mining. Only frequent associations of(More)
An important research task of the EuroMISE Centre is the applied research in the field of electronic health record (EHR) design including electronic medical guidelines and intelligent systems for data mining and decision support. The research in this field was inspired by several European projects. We have proposed a mathematical meta-description of a(More)
The present paper deals with the description of computer testing of the functional generative description (proposed by P. Sgall). Illustrations are given of the system of programmes for testing the generative component of the grammar, and some aspects of notation necessitated by the specific requirements of computer testing are pointed out. 1. The problem(More)
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