Antolín Morillo Rodríguez

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Apoptosis has been recognized as a cause of sperm death during cryopreservation and a cause of infertility in humans, however there is no data on its role in sperm death during conservation in refrigeration; autophagy has not been described to date in mature sperm. We investigated the role of apoptosis and autophagy during cooled storage of stallion(More)
Glycerol is, to date, the most widely used cryoprotectant to freeze stallion spermatozoa at concentrations between 2% and 5%. Cryoprotectant toxicity has been claimed to be the single most limiting factor for the success of cryopreservation. In order to evaluate the toxic effects of the concentrations of glycerol used in practice, stallion spermatozoa were(More)
Fatty acids and plasmalogens were extracted from the phospholipids of the plasma membrane of stallion spermatozoa, to determine their relation with sperm quality after freezing and thawing. Sperm quality was rated using a quality index that combined the results of the analysis of sperm motility and velocity (CASA analysis), membrane status and mitochondrial(More)
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