Antoinette S Birs

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PURPOSE  Transrectal ultrasound (TRUS) has been the gold standard of imaging for diagnosing prostate cancer for decades but is plagued by user error and undersampling. We aim to explore imaging modalities that are now being used in combination or alone for screening, diagnosis, and/or active surveillance of prostate cancer. METHODS A PubMed literature(More)
Free and charitable clinics are important contributors to the health of the United States population. Recently, funding for these clinics has been declining, and it is, therefore, useful to identify what qualities patients value the most in clinics in an effort to allocate funding wisely. In order to identify targets and incentives for improvement of(More)
Iatrogenic bladder injuries have been reported in the neonate during umbilical artery/vein catheterization, voiding cystourethrogram, urinary catheterizations, and overwhelming hypoxic conditions. Patients with iatrogenic bladder perforations can present with acute abdomen indicating urinary peritonitis, septic-uremic shock, or subtle symptoms like(More)
We present 2 patients found to have ovotesticular disorder of sexual development (otDSD) in late adolescence. Two 15-year-old phenotypically male patients presented to a large pediatric hospital with different complaints: 1 with concern for testicular rupture after a straddle injury; 1 with gynecomastia. Further workup, including imaging and laboratory(More)
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