Antoinette Edwards

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BACKGROUND Although 8 per cent of groin hernia repairs are performed in women, there is little published literature relating specifically to women. This study compared differences in outcome between women and men after groin hernia repair. METHODS Data collected prospectively in the Swedish Hernia Register between 1992 and 2003 were analysed, including(More)
INTRODUCTION Non-compressible torso haemorrhage (NCTH) carries a high mortality in trauma as many patients exsanguinate prior to definitive haemorrhage control. Resuscitative endovascular balloon occlusion of the aorta (REBOA) is an adjunct that has the potential to bridge patients to definitive haemostasis. However, the proportion of trauma patients in(More)
OBJECTIVE Trauma accounts for a large proportion of childhood deaths. No data exist about injury patterns within paediatric trauma in the UK. Identification of specific high-risk injury patterns may lead to improved care and outcome. METHODS Data from 24 218 paediatric trauma cases recorded by the Trauma Audit and Research Network (TARN) from 1990 to 2005(More)
AIM Major trauma (MT) has traditionally been viewed as a disease of young men caused by high-energy transfer mechanisms of injury, which has been reflected in the configuration of MT services. With ageing populations in Western societies, it is anticipated that the elderly will comprise an increasing proportion of the MT workload. The aim of this study was(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to describe the prevalence, patterns of blood use and outcomes of major haemorrhage in trauma. METHODS This was a prospective observational study from 22 hospitals in the UK, including both major trauma centres and smaller trauma units. Eligible patients received at least 4 units of packed red blood cells (PRBCs) in(More)
OBJECTIVE To define the relationship between preinjury warfarin use and mortality in a large European sample of trauma patients. METHODS A multicentred study was conducted using data collated from European (predominately English and Welsh) trauma receiving hospitals. Patient data from the Trauma Audit and Research Network database from 2009 to 2013 were(More)
This is a re-appraisal of the supposedly rare Mallory-Weiss syndrome in which 11 patients with mucosal tears at the oesophagogastric junction are described. The fact that these cases were collected from general hospitals within a short period suggests that the condition is more common than supposed and may account for a considerable proportion of the 20 to(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the relationship between daily trauma admissions and observed weather variables, using data from the Trauma Audit and Research Network of England and Wales and the UK Meteorological Office. DESIGN A cross-sectional study. SETTING Twenty-one accident and emergency departments (ED) located across England. PARTICIPANTS All patients(More)
Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia (PCP) is the most common cause of pneumonia in HIV antibody positive patients, but other pneumonias remain important, i.e. streptococcal and mycobacterial infections. A definitive diagnosis relies on obtaining samples from the lung either noninvasively (induced sputum), or invasively (bronchoalveolar lavage, transbronchial or(More)