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Five organophosphorous insecticides: Leptophos, EPN, Cyanofenphos, trichloronate and salithion proved to cause irreversible ataxia not only to chicken but also to mice and sheep. TOCP was included as a reference. Cyanofenphos blocked the catecholamine B-receptor binding activity with 3H-norepinephrine at a level similar to that of the specific inhibitor(More)
Two spraymen working in public health occupations in Alexandria, Egypt, experienced acute toxicity resulting from exposure to diazinon. Symptomatology was similar to that previously reported for exposure to parathion or other organophosphorus insecticides. Plasma and red blood cell cholinesterase activity values were determined in blood samples obtained(More)
Acute low back pain is a common complaint with high prevalence in society. Orthopaedic and specialist spinal services may be overwhelmed by large numbers of patients with low back pain who do not require investigation or surgical intervention. This phenomenon has led to the establishment of back pain screening clinics as a system of triage for those with(More)