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Keywords: Wind turbines Power curve modelling Artificial neural network Air density Turbulence intensity Wind shear a b s t r a c t Technical improvements over the past decade have increased the size and power output capacity of wind power plants. Small increases in power performance are now financially attractive to owners. For this reason, the need for(More)
A B S T R A C T Numerous genotypic diversity measures (GDMs) are available in the literature to assess the convergence status of an evolutionary algorithm (EA) or describe its search behavior. In a recent study, the authors of this paper drew attention to the need for a GDM validation framework. In response, this study proposes three requirements(More)
CAD/CAM systems and CNC machines are now commonly utilized in the manufacturing industry. The integration level between these two technologies is one key element which directly impacts the productivity of NC programming and that of machining operations. With advanced integration between these technologies, significant benefits can be expected for the(More)
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