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We describe two freeware programs for automatic evaluation. The first, AutoEval, greatly simplifies the data gathering, processing and counting often involved in an evaluation. To this end, AutoEval includes a simple and powerful script language to describe the evaluation task to be carried out. The second program is called Missplel. It introduces(More)
Two vaccines to treat phythiosis insidiosi in horses were evaluated in 71 Costa Rican horses between 1982 to 1988. One vaccine used a cell-mass (CMV) as antigen and the other a soluble concentrated antigen (SCAV). Both vaccines cured horses infected with Pythium insidiosum (p value approximately 14%). The age of lesions prior to vaccination was important in(More)
Isolation rearing is a developmentally specific non-pharmacological manipulation in rats that produces a deficit in sensorimotor gating, as measured by prepulse inhibition (PPI) of the startle reflex. Previous research has demonstrated that the isolation rearing effect on PPI is sensitive to several factors, including the time of testing with respect to(More)
OBJECTIVE There is need to assess our practice of neuromuscular monitoring according to national consensus guidelines. The aim of this study was to evaluate practice adherence to guidelines in teaching hospitals. METHODS A questionnaire designed to provide information concerning the use of muscle relaxant for tracheal intubation and surgery, monitoring(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this article was to present an update of the preoxygenation management in morbidly obese adults, parturient women and hypoxemic critically-ill patients. DATA SOURCES All references obtained from the medical database Medline related to the area and more specifically during the last five years were reviewed. DATA SYNTHESIS(More)
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