Antoine Sinton

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The Sheffield real-time electrical impedance tomograph produces 25 images per second, using 16 electrodes with adjacent-pair current drive and non-iterative image reconstruction. We describe the data acquisition timing of this instrument and present quantitative measurements of its signal-to-noise ratio and spatial resolution.
It is shown that a real-time electrical impedance tomography (EIT) system can be used to image the flow of saline through the human vascular system. A 10 ml bolus of 0.9% saline injected intravenously distal to an EIT imaging plane allows venous flow to be observed. Measurements on a cylindrical tank with flow along axial conductive tubes have been used to(More)
Artificial discharges of water from reservoirs caused a six-fold and three-fold increase in discharge in the R. Tywi and R. Elan respectively but did not significantly alter particle size composition (by weight) and the porosity of the substratum or the organic matter content of fine particles (<0.5 mm). Freshets in both rivers resulted in a consistent,(More)
We define a new family of random spin models with one-dimensional structure, finite-range multi-spin interactions, and bounded average degree (number of interactions in which each spin participates). Unfrustrated ground states can be described as solutions of a sparse, band diagonal linear system, thus allowing for efficient numerical analysis. In the limit(More)
RESPIRATORY INDUCTANCE plethysmography (MILLEDGE and STOTT, 1977; CorrN et al., 1978; 1982) is a recently developed technique for noninvasive measurement of lung ventilation. In its usual application (CorrN et al., 1982) two coils of wire fixed to elastic belts are placed about a subject's torso so that one coil encircles the subject's chest and the other(More)
Inferring the sequence of states from observations is one of the most fundamental problems in Hidden Markov Models. In statistical physics language, this problem is equivalent to computing the marginals of a one-dimensional model with a random external field. While this task can be accomplished through transfer matrix methods, it becomes quickly intractable(More)
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