Antoine Rolland

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This paper aims at introducing and investigating a new family of merely qualitative models for multicriteria decision making. Such models do not require any numerical representation. Within this family, we will focus on decision rules using reference levels in order to help comparing several alternatives. We will investigate both the descriptive potential(More)
We study in this paper the generation of the Choquet optimal solutions of biobjective combinatorial optimization problems. Choquet optimal solutions are solutions that optimize a Choquet integral. The Choquet integral is used as an aggregation function, presenting dierent parameters, and allowing to take into account the interactions between the objectives.(More)
The aim of this paper is to introduce and investigate a new family of purely qualitative models for decision making under uncertainty. Such models do not require any numerical representation and rely only on the definition of a preference relation over consequences and a relative likelihood relation on the set of events. Within this family, we focus on(More)
We study in this paper the computation of Choquet optimal solutions in decision contexts involving multiple criteria or multiple agents. Choquet optimal solutions are solutions that optimize a Choquet integral, one of the most powerful tools in multicriteria decision making. We develop a new property that characterizes the Choquet optimal solutions. From(More)
In some multi-criteria decision making problems, it is more convenient to express the decision maker preferences in bipolar scales. In such cases, the bipolar Choquet integral with respect to bi-capacities was introduced. In this paper, we address the problem of eliciting a bipo-lar Choquet integral with respect to a 2-additive bi-capacity. We assume that(More)
In this paper, we propose a sufficient condition for a solution to be optimal for a 2-additive Choquet integral in the context of mul-tiobjective combinatorial optimization problems. A 2-additive Choquet optimal solution is a solution that optimizes at least one set of parameters of the 2-additive Choquet integral. We also present a method to generate(More)
Normal and modified urinary nucleosides represent potential biomarkers for cancer diagnosis. To selectively extract modified nucleosides, we developed a molecularly imprinted polymer (MIP) of 5-methyluridine as selective material for molecularly imprinted solid-phase extraction (MISPE). The MIPs were obtained from vinyl-phenylboronate ester derivative of(More)
We report the implementation of a self-referenced optical frequency comb generated by a passively mode-locked all polarization maintaining (PM) Yb fiber laser based on a nonlinear amplifying loop mirror (NALM). After spectral broadening the optical spectrum spans from 650 nm to 1400 nm, allowing for the generation of an optical octave and carrier envelope(More)