Antoine Morel

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We introduce a conceptual framework for improving health and environmental sanitation in urban and peri-urban areas using an approach combining health, ecological, and socioeconomic and cultural assessments. The framework takes into account the three main components: i) health status, ii) physical environment, and iii) socioeconomic and cultural(More)
The feasibility of using anaerobic baffled reactor (ABR) as onsite wastewater treatment system was discussed. The ABR consisted of one sedimentation chamber and three up-flow chambers in series was experimented under different peak flow factors (PFF of 1 to 6), superficial gas velocities (between 0.6 and 3.1 cm/hr) and hydraulic retention times (HRT) (24,(More)
A computationally and memory efficient technique for achieving frequency synchronization and tracking in COFDM systems is presented. Previously proposed methods rely on the filtered phase information of pilots in two consecutive symbols demodulated at the same estimated frequency. To continuously update the demodulation frequency, these estimation(More)
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