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Measurement of vocal-tract influence during saxophone performance.
Vocal-tract influence is clearly demonstrated when pitch bending notes high in the traditional range of the alto saxophone and when playing in the saxophone's extended register. Expand
Characterization of woodwind instrument toneholes with the finite element method.
A method is proposed to determine the transfer matrix parameters of a discontinuity in a waveguide with the finite element method (FEM). This is used to characterize open and closed woodwindExpand
Monitoring Urban Areas with Sentinel-2A Data: Application to the Update of the Copernicus High Resolution Layer Imperviousness Degree
This work proposes to exploit the benefit of Sentinel-2 images to monitor urban areas and to update Copernicus Land services, in particular the High Resolution Layer imperviousness, using independent image classification and data fusion that are fused using the Dempster–Shafer theory. Expand
Object-Oriented Approach and Texture Analysis for Change Detection in Very High Resolution Images
It turned out that the geometric changes, most of abrupt content changes and some of subtle changes have been accurately detected and the approach is suitable on airborne data with a Very High Resolution data and can be generalized to spaceborne images. Expand
Monitoring the Morphological Transformation of Beijing Old City Using Remote Sensing Texture Analysis
This paper is concerned with the morphological analysis of Beijing old city's dynamics from 1966 to 2015, and dedicated urban descriptors at various scales are evaluated and selected to highlight informations related to different urban patterns. Expand
Finite Element Modeling of Woodwind Instruments
The input impedance of simple woodwind-like instruments is evaluated using the Finite Element Method (FEM) and compared to theoretical calculations based on the transmission-matrix method (TMM).Expand
External Tonehole Interactions in Woodwind Instruments
The Transfer-Matrix Method with external Interaction (TMMI) is described and it is found that the external tonehole interactions increase the amount of radiated energy, reduce slightly the lower resonance frequencies, and modify significantly the response near and above the tonehole lattice cutoff frequency. Expand
Estimation of the orientation of textured patterns via wavelet analysis
This paper is concerned with the estimation of the dominant orientation of textured patches that appear in a number of images (remote sensing, biology or natural sciences for instance). It is basedExpand
Sound reflection at the open end of axisymmetric ducts issuing a subsonic mean flow: A numerical study
Abstract This paper investigates the reflection of sound waves as they propagate toward the open end of ducts issuing a cold subsonic mean flow in a stagnant fluid. The investigations are conductedExpand
Computational Acoustic Methods for the Design of Woodwind Instruments
This thesis presents a number of methods for the computational analysis of woodwind instruments. The Transmission-Matrix Method (TMM) for the calculation of the input impedance of an instrument isExpand