Antoine Létoublon

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Low frequency dynamics has been studied in a CH3NH3PbBr3 hybrid perovskite single crystal by using four different spectroscopy techniques: coherent inelastic neutron, Raman and Brillouin scatterings, and ultrasound measurements. Sound velocities were measured over five decades in energy to yield the complete set of elastic constants in a hybrid halide(More)
We propose a novel phase-matching scheme in GaP whispering-gallery-mode microdisks grown on Si substrate combining modal and 4¯ -quasi-phase-matching for second-harmonic-generation. The technique consists in unlocking parity-forbidden processes by tailoring the antiphase domain distribution in the GaP layer. Our proposal can be used to overcome the(More)
Lattice-matched GaP-based nanostructures grown on silicon substrates is a highly rewarded route for coherent integration of photonics and high-efficiency photovoltaic devices onto silicon substrates. We report on the structural and optical properties of selected MBE-grown nanostructures on both GaP substrates and GaP/Si pseudo-substrates. As a first(More)
This study is carried out in the context of III–V semiconductor monolithic integration on silicon for optoelectronic device applications. X-ray diffraction is combined with atomic force microscopy and scanning transmission electron microscopy for structural characterization of GaP nanolayers grown on Si. GaP has been chosen as the interfacial layer, owing(More)
Fethallah Taleb, Christophe Levallois, Cyril Paranthoen, Nicolas Chevalier, Olivier De Sagazan, et al.. Substrate bonding using electroplated copper through silicon vias for VCSEL fabrication. 26th International Conference on Indium Phosphide and Related Materials (IPRM 2014), May 2014, Montpellier, France. IEEE, Indium Phosphide and Related Materials(More)
The growth and thermal conductivity of InAs quantum dot (QD) stacks embedded in GaInAs matrix with AlAs compensating layers deposited on (113)B InP substrate are presented. The effect of the strain compensating AlAs layer is demonstrated through AFM and X-Ray diffraction structural analysis. The thermal conductivity (2.7W/mK at 300K) measured by the 3w(More)
The formation of InAs quantum dots by Stransky-Krastanow method on (311)B InP substrates has been studied. On Al0.48In0.52As alloy lattice matched on InP, large changes of the quantum dot structural characteristics were observed as a function of the amount of InAs deposited and of the As pressure during the InAs quantum dots formation. Small quantum dots(More)
GaAsPN semiconductors are promising material for the development of high-efficiency tandem solar cells on silicon substrates. GaAsPN diluted-nitride alloy is studied as the top-junction material due to its perfect lattice matching with the Si substrate and its ideal bandgap energy allowing a perfect current matching with the Si bottom cell. The GaP/Si(More)
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