Antoine Helewa

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OBJECTIVE To investigate the effects of therapeutic exercises and sleeping neck support contoured pillows on patients with chronic neck pain. METHODS Using a factorial design in a prospective clinical trial, participants were equally allocated at random to 4 treatment groups in the study: (1) placebo control, of hot or cold packs and massage; (2) sleeping(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine various factors associated with low back pain (LBP) in an industrial setting. METHODS A cross sectional study was carried out among 1,562 employees of a large utilities corporation in Ontario using a self-administered questionnaire. Abdominal muscle strength was measured using a modified sphygmomanometer. Statistical analysis was(More)
Women with active rheumatoid arthritis who were judged to be in need of hospitalization were assigned at random to receive inpatient therapy (n = 35) or intensive outpatient therapy (n = 36). All relevant costs of treatment were measured. At 19 weeks, clinical outcomes, as summarized in a pooled index, were significantly better in the inpatient group(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe, illustrate, provide statistical rationale and give clinical examples of the concept of a pooled index. METHODS No explicit design. Randomized control trials of patients diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis from Rheumatic disease clinics, tertiary care hospitals and communities are used as examples to illustrate the pooled index(More)
Following an outbreak of foodborne gastroenteritis caused by Salmonella typhimurium, questionnaires were sent to affected individuals and then to the family physicians of any who experienced extra-enteric complications. Of 260 individuals infected with S typhimurium for whom adequate data were obtained, 19 patients developed joint disease (7.3%). All were(More)
We compared 4 measures of abdominal muscle strength in 24 male subjects aged 20-52 years, 12 without low back pain (LBP) and 12 with LBP. The manometer to knee and manometer to sternum methods involved 2 positions of testing abdominal muscle strength using the adapter sphygmomanometer, a 3rd method was a scheme of graduated sit-ups, and the 4th had the(More)
Government control over health spending and public demands for improved services have increasingly stimulated professional activity in methods of evaluating the quality of patient care. This paper discusses three distinct approaches to evaluation: evaluation of structure, process and outcome. A well-rounded system of quality appraisal should probably(More)
Fifty-three patients with ankylosing spondylitis (AS) were randomly allocated; 26 experimental patients received physiotherapy and disease education, 27 control patients received neither. The primary treatment outcome was change in spinal mobility measured at 4 months by fingertip-to-floor distance. Experimental patients had more improvement in(More)