Antoine Gagneux

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In this article we present a study based on the use of texture features for logical pre-labeling. The aim of our work is to calculate a great number of texture features over three sets of machine-printed document images and to study their joint discriminant power using SVM classifiers. The three corpuses we use are: the Archives of Savoie (AoS), composed of(More)
This paper presents a new method of functional classification of text blocks on a document. It is based on texture analysis and unsupervised classification. Texture is used here to define different classes of text blocks in the document and to direct a possible way of exploration from the most eye-catching data to the less significant text block. The(More)
A web site is a set of web pages and hypertexts links. The contribution of this paper is a description of web sites also called web documents as a structured object with a logical and a physical structure. Indeed, it will show that the web document can be divided into geometrical blocks (physical structure) and furthermore each page of a site has an(More)
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